I am asking for your vote - for election to the Los Altos Hills City Council


The Candidates "Statement"...

Each candidate for City Council is asked to create a ballot statement of 200 words or less - to give voters some idea of who it is that they are being asked to vote for.

There is not much of real substance that one can convey in under 200 words, but - for what it's worth - here goes:

Candidates Statement:

I am Garo Kiremidjian, a 28-year resident of Los Altos Hills and a retired executive.

I graduated from Columbia University with a Ph.D. degree in mathematics. My professional career has spanned a period of over 35 years. During this time I held responsible positions in both academia and industry. As a university professor I taught undergraduate and graduate courses and conducted research. In advanced technology companies I served in technical, management and executive positions. After retirement I developed a keen interest in issues facing my community. Over the past several years I have been actively involved in a variety of traffic congestion issues affecting residents’ safety and the town’s character.

Despite the wish to maintain our rural ambience, external forces are exerting pressure to change it. Increased traffic is diverting through our town. Because of steeply rising property values, developers “push the boundaries” of new developments to the absolute limit, thus threatening our town’s semi-rural character.

As a councilmember, I will take a proactive stance to evolve the town as best and as gently as we can by adapting to changing times while minimizing the negative impacts. A purely defensive posture will lead to a worse outcome.

If you'd like some more "in depth" information about who I am and what my thoughts are about the future of our town, I invite you to check out the rest of these pages via the buttons at the top of this page.